Pagerduty integration

Checkly integrates with Pagerduty and can deliver all failure and recovery events to Pagerduty account. After setting up the integration, Checkly will:

  1. Trigger alerts in Pagerduty when a check fails.
  2. Resolve alerts when a check recovers.

Integration is as simple as following the three step Pagerduty connect process.

  1. Navigate to the global alert channels tab on the account screen and click the ‘Alert with Pagerduty’ button.

  2. Clicking the Alert with Pagerduty button will take you to a Pagerduty login screen. Provide your credentials and click Authorize integration to allow Checkly to integrate with Pagerduty.

  3. On the next screen you can either hook up Checkly to an existing service, or create a brand new service. Click Finish integration to save your settings and redirect you back to Checkly.

  4. Back in Checkly, you should see your Pagerduty integration credentials reflected in the alert settings.

  5. Checkly will trigger an incident in Pagerduty when checks fail and also mark them as resolved when the checks are passing again

If you want to change your Pagerduty integration, first remove it and then go through the setup steps again

Last updated on November 12, 2018