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Broken signup forms and flaky shopping carts are extremely frustrating to your customers. With Checkly's transaction monitoring (or Browser checks as we call them) you can accurately simulate interaction with your site or webapp and validate the correctness and performance of signup forms, shopping carts and other crucial click paths.

Real browsers

Your checks are run in actual Chrome browsers to achieve a 100% match with real world conditions. We run each session in a sealed of sandbox for extra security.

Validate all the things

In a Browser check you can check for specific content items, browser responses, visibility and error responses.

Screen shots

Take a screen shot at any stage in your transaction for quick and easy reference. You can take full page shots, or just a specific page element for more focus.

Monitor globally

We monitor your transactions from up to four data center locations around the world.

Trigger on-demand

Integrate your Browser checks into your QA or continuous delivery process by triggering adhoc runs from the command line.

Coding optional

Use our browser plugin to record a script and import it into Checkly. Want more control? Dive into the code and tweak your script to perfection.

How it works

Checkly uses the Chrome Puppeteer framework to drive your Browser checks and accurately simulate interactions with a Chrome browser. Getting a check going is a lot easier than you might think. Just follow the steps below and you'll be up in no time.

Create a script

Pick one of the examples from our built-in library as your starting point. Alternatively, you can install and fire up the Puppeteer Recorder browser extension and record a script in real-time as you click through your site.

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Tweak it

Use our in app debugger to iterate on your script and directly see the results. Add extra assertions, screenshots and navigation actions. You can also add the industry standard Mocha and Chai libraries to get more control over what is checked and how it is reported.

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Run it every five minutes

Schedule your Browser check to run as often as every five minutes. A regular interval gives you an accurate insight into how your vital transactions are performing over time. We also give you full access to the log files for each run in case an alert is triggered.

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Coding optional

Coding your own scripts gives you a ton of power over exactly how your click paths and interactions should interact with the browser. However, you don't need to start there. We give you a built-in example library of examples and the Puppeteer Recorder Chrome browser extension to get started ASAP.

Example Library

Our examples library contains example scripts that cover a range of scenario's: from scraping content and validating text to login and shopping carts. Use them as pa jumping off point and customize them for your own situation.

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Puppeteer Recorder

Install the Puppeteer Recorder browser extension in your Chrome browser and start recording scripts in under a minute. Puppeteer recorder provides many options for tweaking your scripts as you click through your site and fill out web forms.

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Alerting for any situation

alerting options

When a check fails, you and your team need timely and actionable insights to address any down time. Add Slack, SMS, email or Pagerduty: Checkly's alerts give you the right information whatever alerting medium you choose. Need more control? Webhooks give you full access to the JSON data we use ourselves for alerting. Learn more

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