A better way to monitor your APIs and site click flows

Monitor the performance and correctness of your API endpoints & vital site transactions from a single, simple dashboard.

api monitoring

No more broken API's

Make sure your API endpoints are always responding quickly and with the correct payload. Get started quickly with our Swagger or cURL importer and super easy API check creator.

Run your checks from up to 8 locations, as often as once every minute. And we'll also check if your SSL certificate is about to expire.

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transaction monitoring

No more broken shopping carts

Validate your most crucial business transactions like logins, shopping carts and onboardings flows. Take screenshots to get instant insights into what's working and what's not.

Scripting browser click flows used to suck. Not anymore. Checkly uses a Google's Puppeteer framework to run your flows in a Chrome browser.

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๐Ÿ”” alerting

Alerting without limits

Keep your team up to date with a generous helping of SMS messages and unlimited email, Pagerduty, Slack and web hook notifications. Of course, "double-checking" is enabled by default to never get false positives.

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๐Ÿ“ˆ stats & metrics

Insights without limits

Doing a root cause without complete and accurate data is insane. But too much detail can also be distracting. That's why next to calculating aggregates to keep an overview, Checkly stores each and every raw check result for you and your team to dive into.

"Checkly makes it simple and easy for us to measure performance and automate the manual tasks of ensuring our web-based platform is available for our customers."

Daniel Schleig
IT & Systems Lead

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All features at a glances

API monitoring

Flexible API monitoring with custom body, headers, query parameters and unlimited assertions.

Click flow monitoring

Scripted browser clicks flow using Chrome Puppeteer Node.js framework. Take up to three screenshots per check.

SSL expiry checks

We'll alert you when your SSL certificate is about to expire up to 30 days in advance till D-day.

Global coverage

Get global latency metrics by running your checks from up to eight (more coming) data center locations around the world.

Alerting channels

Generous SMS bundles & unlimited recipients / endpoints for Pagerduty, email, web hook and Slack alerting integrations.

Double check by default

The internet can be glitchy. When a check fails, we always run it again just to be sure.

Public dashboards

Display a public dashboard on your site or in-office mounted TV, hosted on your company domain.

Teams & users

Add team members to your account to collaborate. Comes with full role based access control.

On-demand triggers

Trigger your checks using a simple cURL command from your CI/CD pipeline or just the command line.

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