We hope you'll never see this message...

...but things fail all the time. It's how you respond that makes the difference. Get quick and contextful alerts on any channel you want. Know when your service fails before your customers do.

alerting options

How it works

Set up your thresholds

The internet can be flaky. Sometimes a failing service is just fine 2 seconds later. Dodge false positives by specifying exactly when you should alerted and how often you want to be reminded.

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Set up your thresholds

Pick your channels

Choose one or more of the available alerting channels. We have everything from email, to Pagerduty to SMS. Need something custom? Use the webhooks or hook up our Prometheus integration and roll your own alerting.

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Pick your channels
No limits

We don’t put any limits on the amount of email, Slack, Pagerduty or webhooks alerts you can send.

SSL alerting

We check your domain’s SSL certificates for expiry and follow the exact same alerting patterns as all the other checks.

Double checking

By default, we retry any failing check from another data center location, just to be sure.

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