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15 API checks
5 Browser checks
5 Team members
50 SMS credits
$24/ month
$24 / month
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40 API checks
15 Browser checks
10 Team members
150 SMS credits
$59/ month
$59 / month
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100 API checks
30 Browser checks
20 Team members
300 SMS credits
$119/ month
$119 / month
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Every plan comes with

  • 16 data center locations to choose from
  • 1m interval for API checks / 5m interval for Browser checks
  • Setup / Teardown scripts & code snippets
  • 1 public dash with a custom domain
  • SSL expiration checks
  • Pagerduty, SMS, email, webhook and Slack integration
  • Weekly summary email

Pricing FAQ

What are API checks?

API checks are monitors that issue POST, GET and other typical HTTP requests at API endpoints. You have full control over the payload, headers etc. In addition, you can create assertions to check if the response from your API is valid and performant.

What are Browser checks?

Browser checks are monitors based on Node.js scripts using industry standard testing tools like Mocha and Puppeteer. Each browser check uses an actual Chrome browser to execute clicks, fill out forms and validate if these interactions have the correct results.

Do all plans have the same scheduling options?

API checks can be run every minute, whereas Browser checks start at 5 minute intervals. Longer intervals (30 minutes, once per day etc.) are the same for all check types.

Are all alerting integrations the same for all plans?

Yes, all plans have email, webhook and Slack integration to alert you when checks fail.

How does the 30-day trial work?

By signing up, you get full access to all of Checkly’s functions for a period of 30 days. You do not need a credit card to get started. After the 30 day period, you will still have access to your account but we will suspend the running of your checks.

Can I switch plans easily?

Absolutely. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any moment from your account page. We will prorate the cost so you always pay exactly what you owe: no double bookings. We will also add a proration line to your invoice.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit card payments. All payments are handled by Stripe.

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