News & product updates

Introducing Browser Checks V2

posted by Tim Nolet on October 2, 2018

As of today all Checkly’s browser checks are running on the second iteration of the browser checks site transaction monitoring system. This upgrade brings the following benefits:

  • Every valid Puppeteer script is now a valid check. If your Puppeteer script passes, your check passes.
  • Assertions are now optional. You can still use assertions (more on that below) but you don’t need to. A failing script is enough to signal something is wrong and trigger an alert.
  • More and better logging. We now report debug and console logs directly to the user on each run. This makes debugging flaky checks a lot easier.
  • Use Chai.js assertions. When you do want to use assertions, you can now use all functions from the popular Chai.js library.

We are confident that this new iteration will make monitoring your vital site transactions a lot easier.


UI and performance tweaks to Check statistics page

posted by Tim Nolet on September 17, 2018

We made a couple of tweaks to the Check statistics page based on customer feedback and to address some performance issues.

  1. We now show the 24 hour, 7 day and 30 day success ratio KPI’s to give a better short term / long term view on the health of your checks.

  2. We’ve add the 99 percentile response time to the per location response times chart to give you a better view on how response time are distributed for a specific data center location.

Under the hood, we tweaked query performance and aggregation performance which results in a 70% performance gain.

Browser Checks upgraded to Puppeteer version 1.7.0

posted by Tim Nolet on August 23, 2018

The browser checks Puppeteer engine has been upgraded to Puppeteer version 1.7.0. This new version brings some minor changes to mostly the puppeteer.launch() method and some default properties. Noteworthy is the that you can type emoji’s with page.type() , i.e.

await page.type("", "I โค๏ธ turtles ๐Ÿข");

Read about the changes and bug fixes in the release notes

Introducing SMS and Pagerduty integrations

posted by Tim Nolet on August 23, 2018

We did a poll over the last few months what alerting integrations were still missing in Checkly. It was a tie between SMS and Pagerduty so we build both!

๐Ÿ“ž SMS Alerting

Still a gold standard in incident response. Got a cell signal? That’s enough. Every plan comes with a generous SMS bundle, see the pricing page for more details or read more about how to setup SMS alerting

๐Ÿ“Ÿ Pagerduty Alerting

You can link your Pagerduty account to Checkly and we will trigger events whenever a check fails and when it recovers. This integration only works at the account level, not the individual check level. Read more about integrating Pagerduty on our site or check Pagerduty’s integration guide.

Summer update

posted by Tim Nolet on July 26, 2018

Over the last few weeks we polished and refined some existing features and added a bunch that we’re at t he top of the wish list. To start, we added 1 minute schedules to all API checks.

๐Ÿ”’ SSL Certificate Monitoring

Much requested and now finally live. Checkly now also alerts you when your SSL certificate is about to expire. We will start nudging you from 30 days till expiry till D-day. Read more about how SSL montoring works


Introducing teams

posted by Tim Nolet on June 18, 2018

You can now invite team members to your Checkly account and collaborate on your API and browser checks. Inviting a team member is as easy as sending them an invite from the users tab in your account settings. We’ve also added full role based access control. This means you can assign, change and revoke admin, read & write or read only rights to any user.

The starter account already includes five team members. See our updated plans & pricing page for more info on pricing or read more about how inviting and managing team members work in our docs section.

Introducing the weekly summary email

posted by Tim Nolet on May 15, 2018

Keeping an eye on the historical performance of your APIs and app’s important transactions just became a little bit easier. As of today Checkly will send you a seven day performance summary of all your checks.

Don’t care for the weekly update? You can toggle your email preferences in the account section

Introducing double checks

posted by Tim Nolet on March 23, 2018

Checkly runs on cloud infrastructure in data centers around the world. As nothing is perfect, this infrastructure occasionally experiences glitches and slow downs. This is why we added the double check option for API and browser checks. Failing API checks are retried after 5 seconds, browser checks are retried after 30 seconds. This feature is now switched on by default for all checks.

Browser checks now use Puppeteer v1.2.0

posted by Tim Nolet on March 17, 2018
The browser checks Puppeteer engine has been upgraded to Puppeteer version 1.2.0. This version should have no breaking API changes. Read about the changes and bug fixes in the release notes