Runner specification

All browser checks run in a sandboxed runtime environment on our cloud backend. You do not have full access to the Node.js standard library or to arbitrary NPM modules. Currently every runner is equipped with the following libraries:

  • node 8.10: The general Node.js execution environment.
  • chai 4.2.0: Popular assertion library.
  • mocha 5.0.0: Popular test runner library.
  • puppeteer 1.19.0: Framework for controlling Chrome from Node.js.
  • assert 8.x: Built-in assertion function.
  • moment 2.22.2: Popular library for all things time related.
  • axios 0.18.0: A modern HTTP library. Support async/await.
  • crypto-js 3.1.9: Cryptographic function library.
  • lodash 4.14.11: Javascript toolkit for many object, array and other functions.
  • aws4 1.8.0: Third-party library for easily signing AWS API requests.