Url and Custom Domain

TV-mode dashboards are public dashboards are available on every Checkly plan. Use them on your wall mounted TV’s or shared monitors around the office or as a status page on your site.

Edit your TV-mode dashboard by clicking on the TV-mode button on the Checkly default dashboard page.

Custom URL

Every public dashboard comes with a configurable custom sub domain on the checkly.com domain. By default, we generate a random ID. You can change this sub domain to anything you like as long as it is unique among all Checkly users. Typically a company name works best.

custom url for public dashboard

public dashboards on the .checkly.com domain have the benefit of running under https

Custom Domain

You can host your public dashboard under your own domain. To make this work, you need to do two things:

  1. Add a valid custom domain to your dashboard setting.

custom domain for public dashboard

  1. Create a CNAME record in your DNS that points to dashboards.checklyhq.com

Any DNS provider will have the option to easily add CNAME records. For example, on AWS Route 53 this looks like this.

add cname to DNS provider

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Last updated on February 4, 2019